Weapons Of Future: Electromagnetic Cannon That Fires Missiles Without Any Fuel

Last updated on March 3rd, 2017 at 11:05 am

General Atomic has been developing an electromagnetic cannon for years. This cannon is way more effective than conventional cannons. While normal cannons use explosives to power projectiles, electromagnetic cannon uses only electromagnetic force to do this. Because of that, projectiles launched by electromagnetic cannon can reach muzzle velocity of more than 3 km/s easily.


Conventional cannons fire projectiles at the speed of 2 km/s while projectiles fired by electromagnetic cannons easily reach muzzle velocity of 3 km/s


That makes these projectiles super fast and easy to break barriers


Electromagnetic cannon technology is way more cheaper than conventional cannons


A prototype developed by General Atomics


A projectile fired by electromagnetic cannon (powered only by kinetic energy – no fuel or explosives used for firing it)


Watch the video for more details:

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