TrackR Bravo – Track Your Car or Anything Else Easily With Your Smartphone

If you are easily forgetting where you put things or park your car, there’s finally a cheap solution for your problem!

Trackr Bravo is a small gadget which helps you find your lost things. All you have to do is to attach this little thing to your keys, wallet, car or whatever you want to find quickly when they’re lost.

Then, you use an app on your smartphone to get the exact coordinates where your lost thing is right now.

But that’s not all, this device works also in the opposite direction. Once you press a button on it your phone will ring even if it’s on silent mode – so if you lost your phone but you know where’s this little thing you can use it to find the phone!

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Also, it has built in two-way separation alerts which reminds you to grab your items before you leave them behind yourself somewhere in cafe or similar. You can get this little thing for $27.99 right now.


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