10 Awesome Under $5 Amazon Products That You Probably Don’t Need

If you have some money to spend on some cool gadgets and you still don’t feel inspired to find anything entertaining or useful enough this list might help you.

Although we will try to list here some useful or, at least, entertaining enough stuff, be careful and have in mind that you should not buy things that you don’t need!

Disclaimer: Some of the prices may be changed by the sellers, over time.

1. Mpow Quick USB Car Charger Adapter

When you are traveling on a long distance, you certainly know the value of having a car charger adapter for your smartphone.  Mpow quick car charger will recharge your battery 75% percent faster than your regular charger!

Oh, and don’t forget; this charger is usually sold for 9.99 but, if you are lucky enough, you can get it for $5 using this coupon code: AD5695NZ



2. Dark Horse Deluxe Game of Thrones Hand of The King 3″ Pin

Do you have a pinboard and you are building on it a master plan how to rule the world? Well, that’s how you might end up watching too much of Game of Thrones episodes. Anyway, this pin could be actually useful. You could use it only for special stuff pinned on your board.



3. Multi Function Tools Kit Set Screwdriver Knife Plier Steel File Keychain

You never know when you might need it. If you attach it to your keys, you are sure that you will have it with yourself all the time. And this seems to be way better than some versions of the “Swiss knife”

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4. Blathers Amiibo (Animal Crossing Series) For Wii U GamePad

If you have Nintendo Wii U GamePad, you know what are these for.  And you will love this one. It is designed for Animal Crossing series.



5. 5 in 1 Survival Whistle, Emergency Zone Brand

Well, it might be cheap, it might be low quality and made of plastic BUT it can be very helpful in certain situations! It’s a multifunction survival tool consisted of: a signal whistle, signal mirror, compass and waterproof match container and flint. It’s super lightweight and it might be good to have it somewhere in your backpack when camping.



6. LSD 9″ Survival Paracord Bracelet

Another survival accessory which might save your life. It has a whistle buckle, flint fire starter and a scraper which can be used as a tiny knife. And the fact it is designed as a bracelet makes it easy to carry.
survival bracelet


7. LED Night Light Mushroom Lamp

If you like fairy tales or if you like reading them to your kids before sleeping this mushroom lamp is a true steal at the $1.92 price.

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8. Emojistickers

Love it or not, emojis have became an inevitable way of communication. If you feel a need to put emoji’s on the stuff you use this pack contains 288 most popular emojis that are ready to be stuck on your favorite surface.



9. Tea Sub – Yellow Submarine Tea Infuser

Are you a tea drinker and also a big fan of submarines and submarine movies? Well, this little yellow submarine tea infuser might be just a perfect fit for you. The bad news is that it is made from silicone not from metal so, if you are not a big fan of plastic dishes this is probably not a thing for you. Also you should take care about the size of the leaves and make sure that the tea doesn’t escape from the submarine.


10. SOG Key Folding Knife

This little thing is another accessory which you really don’t know when you might need it. It is a key-shaped folding knife which might be perfect for what? Well you decide.




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