The Ozobot Bit – A Smart And Entertaining Robotic Toy

Ozobot Bit is a little robotic toy which is not made only for kids but for the whole family. The Ozobot Bit is a small programmable robot which uses sensors to move and do tasks you give it. Ozobot Bit is primarily designed to follow the lines while moving so, you can just take a piece of paper and draw the path for your Ozobot Bit but that’s not all. Ozobot Bit can be programmed to do various things by using the official Ozobot website or the Android/iOS app for smartphones. It can be fully programmed to play with it some pretty complex interactive games.


The Ozobot Bit is not just a moving piece of electronics. It can be programmed to sing, dance, spin and shake, see different colors. It won’t make much of noise while moving since it is powered with quiet moving mechanism. It has built in rechargeable battery which can last for more than one hour.

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Ozobot Bit is a great way to bring your kid into the world of programming robotic devices – this toy offers the very simple platform in the beginning and later you can move on to the more complex coding tasks. The toy has won the Kapi’s Best Robot toy award at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show.


If you buy the dual pack, you get the two Ozobot Bits in a single package, four custom skins, two carrying case, two USB charging cables and a specially designed playground.

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