Meet The Long-CZ – One Of The World’s Smallest GSM Phones

Last updated on August 27th, 2016 at 06:46 am

At the very beginning of 21st century everyone wanted to have the smallest mobile phone. As the first mobile phones were huge and weighted even more than a half kilogram, technology advancement allowed mobile phone companies to produce very small devices during the 2000’s. However, with the appearance of smartphones, no one cares anymore about the size actually, large phones have are again inn. But, sometimes, in some situations, we still need just as small and as simple as possible phone.


Long-CZ J8 stands for one of the world’s smallest affordable GSM phones. With its dimensions (68mm x 23mm x 11mm) and the fact that it is built from very specific materials, it is hardly detectable by scanners and is often admired by prisoners. It weights only 18 grams and has all basic features every other GSM phone has.

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Since everything is ‘micro’ about this phone, it takes a micro SIM card. It can be used as a Bluetooth headset. You can attach it to your ear just like a bluetooth earphone and use it handsfree. It has mini 5 pin USB port, built in FM radio and its battery can last for about 5 hours of talk time or 96 hours on stand by.


The best part about the phone, its price – you can buy it for less than $50.


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