Flyboard Air – The Real Hoverboard by Zapata Racing

We have seen many hoverboard prototypes like ArcaBoard or Hendo but, to be honest, we haven’t seen much of action there. All those hoverboards can fly for couple of seconds and at the height of couple of centimeters above the ground. Of course, everyone wants to look at those prototypes through the lenses of future and hope that this or that prototype will somehow grow into a real hoverboard which will fly as fast, as long and as high as we want. Until then, for all hoverboard enthusiasts, there is Flyboard Air.


If you like the idea of true flying while standing on a board, the Flyboard Air is here for you.

Flyboard Air is designed by French jet-ski champion Franky Zapata and he is the guy who tested it first. His company Zapata Racing has announced the Flyboard Air couple days ago and, from what we can see from the video they made during the first testing flight, it is pretty amazing.

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The Flyboard Air aircraft-hoverboard is a result of four-year research.  It can fly autonomously up to 10.000 feet, it reaches the top speed of 150 km/h (93,2 mph) and can fly for approximately ten minutes.

It is not, of course, a hoverboard to fly around the city with it, however, if you like a bird-view perspective and you would like to see how it feels for a drone to fly around, Flyboard Air is a great thing.

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The Zapata Racing company might start selling Flyboard Airs in 2017.

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