X-Plane – DARPA’s New Unmanned Vertically Taking Off Aircraft

Last updated on March 11th, 2017 at 06:29 pm

DARPA aims to develop unmanned aircraft which is capable to take and land off vertically and now it is one step closer to that goal by choosing the best possible design for this aircraft.

Company named Aurora Flight Sciences has designed this aircraft named X-Plane which takes off vertically and then gradually starts to move forward.

The aircraft is powered by 4000 horse-power and 24 propeller engine which is enough to successfully take off vertically. The aircraft should have maximum speed limit up to 740 km/h and it would be capable to carry the weight of about 4,5 tons.

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The X-Plane should be the world’s first aircraft which will use distributed hybrid-electric propulsion deducted fans and it will have tilting wings system which will be used for vertical take off. The small canard will also be attached too.


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