USB Fan Clock – Very Cool Gadget For Your Desktop Space

If you work from home and use your computer allot or you work with a computer at your office you will probably want to spice up your desktop with some cool but useful stuff.

This small clock fan is one of those amazing USB products which you could just stare and enjoy watching how they work.

usb fan clock 1

It is a little fan which is connected to a computer or laptop via USB and when you look at it while turned off you would say that it is just another crapy USB device. However, when you turn on this thing you will see the magic – LED clock appears in the field where propellers of small fan are spinning so you get a small fancy LED digital analog-like clock showing you just exact time.

usb fan clock 3

The power button, which is, ofcourse, used to turno on and off this device is also used to set up your time before starting to use it.

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Once you connect this thing to your laptop or desktop you will wish not to turn your computer anymore. No drivers are needed to be installed for this device to work properly.

usb fan clock 2

One thing which you would like to know is that you want to keep your fingers away from moving blades when you turn it on because they are spinning pretty fast. That is why you should put this device somewhere in the background of your desktop, don’t bring it too close to your screen or keyboard. You can find this clock here.

And we almost forgot what the fans are used for. Yes this little thing can cool you down a little bit, or at least clean the air around your desk, especially if there is smoke dust around the table.

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