The 10 Coolest Bookmarks For Real Bookworms

Last updated on March 11th, 2017 at 06:15 pm

Have you forgot what the word bookmark stands for? Before you bookmark this page to your browser it would be nice to remind yourself on real bookmarks. Internet, tablets, Kindles and all that reading gadgets are taking over the traditional paper book market. That is why some of us just forget the primary meanings of some words such as bookmark or apple. For those who still like to hold a real book in their hands while reading it, we found some cool real bookmarks.

 1. Louisa Clark Bookmark
A leg shaped bookmark inspired by Louisa Clark character from the novel Me Before You. When you put it in the book, a pair of legs with striped socks and shoes will stick out from your book.

louisa clark bookmark

2. Master Yoda Bookmark
Same as with Louise Clark but this time you will have to watch Star Wars character master Yoda’s creepy legs sticking out of your boo. Seller claims that reading a book with this bookmark could make you wiser.

master yoda bookmark


3. Novelty Zipper Bookmark

With this Novelty Zipper Bookmark your book will look like it has a zipper on it. You get 3 pieces in different colors included in single package.

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novelty zipper bookmark

4. Metal Feather-Like Gold Plated Bookmark
This one is for more serious people. A small feather-like bookmark is still entertaining enough but the fact that it is made of 18K gold plated metal makes it a precious gift. It also has a leather string attached to it so, if you decide to wear it around your neck instead, no one will notice that you are actually wearing a bookmark.

feather bookmark

5. Treble Clef Shaped Bookmark
If you have someone among your friends or family who is involved in music studies, you won’t mistake if you give them this treble clef shaped bookmark as a gift. It is made of brushed metal and it has a black silk tassel attached to it.

treble cleaf shaped bookmark

6. Fred & Friends PAUSE Cassette Bookmarks
If  you were born after 1995 you maybe even do not know what is a cassette. Well, cassettes were once used to store music on them just like on compact discs. OK, compact discs are outdated too but, never mind. Those bookmarks are magnetized in case you want to stick them on your fridge or some other metal surface and they have a ribbon tape attached to it. You get two of them in one packaging.

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cassete bookmark

7. Fred and Friends SPROUT Little Green Bookmarks
Those leaf-shaped bookmarks are great for reading books in spring and if you also like nature and green landscapes this one is right for you. You get six pieces of sprout seedlings like silicone bookmarks in one packaging. They come in 3 different shades of green color.

sprout like bookmark

8. Lightmark Reading Lamp Bookmark Grey Peleg Design
This lamp-shaped bookmark will shed light on your latest reading page. You can find it as a cool decoration item too for your books at your bookshelf.


9. Finger Pointer Bookmark By Flend
If you often fell into sleep while reading, this buddy will keep the place in your book for you so you can continue after waking up. You get three pieces in one packaging in yellow, red and green colors.

finger pointer bookmark

10. Hippomark – Hippo Bookmark By Peleg Design
This bookmark literally swims on the edge of your book. It is a hippopotamus shaped bookmark.

hippo bookmark


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