SkyWall Gun Captures Any Drone Flying Over Your Backyard

Drones are among the fastest developing gadgets on the market. Every day we see some news about new smart drone being released. Although drones are cool gadgets which can be really useful, they can also become a real problem for security companies or for those who just like to have some privacy in their backyard.

OpenWorks Engineering is British company which has produced a gun that will bring down any drone flying over your garden. The SkyWall gun looks like it was borrowed from the Terminator movie and will land down any drone in 100 meters radius.

It catches drones into a net and lands them down with small parachute so you can capture the drone which is violating your privacy.

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The gun is equipped with SmatScope device which is pretty accurate. The gun shots smart projectiles which release the net to catch the drone at the right moment.



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