Now Your Cat Can Hunt For Its Food With The No-Bowl Feeding System

If you own a cat and you live in an urban area you know that it is not easy to keep your beloved pet happy enough. Cats can be sometimes very picky about their food. When feeding your cat you should know that cats, although they are cute, are actually predators and they have the need to hunt something. Cats just feel bored when they get their food served at the plate and sometimes they will prefer to ‘hunt’ something from your vegetarian plate from your dining table while you served them a fresh piece of fish or the world’s tastiest piece of cat food.


That’s why veterinarian Dr. Liz Bales has decided to develop a new unique way to feed your cat. It is a mouse like feeder where you put regular cat food and just put couple of those at random places in your home. When your cat is hungry, it will go and find those and will have a feeling that it hunts for them and after the hunting is done, it will enjoy eating the food.

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The Dr. Liz’s no-bowl feeding system has recently successfully funded at Kickstarter.


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