Meet Ili Pika – The Mysterious Highly Endangered Rabbit-Like Mammal

Ili Pika is a rabbit-like mammal and it is one of the most mysterious and most endangered world’s animal species. Last year, a Chinese sixty-year-old retired conservationist Li Weidong managed to spot the Ili Pika rabbit for the first time after thirty years.


He saw this kind of rabbit-like mammal in 1983 and later in 1990 and after that, although he is working for 30 years on a mission to protect this highly endangered specie, he didn’t saw any of them until last year.


The Ili Pika rabbit is also known as Ochotona iliensis. It is a rabbit-like mammal which lives in holes between rocks at the high altitude areas starting from 2800m up to 4000m. They live in Thian Shan mountains and they are feeding themselves with herbs found there. They are hunted by foxes, weasels and some birds.

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It is believed that there are only less than thousand Ili Pikas left on the world and they are considered as one of the world’s most endangered animal species.


The Ili Pika is short-eared rabbit-like mammal, an endemic specie to Tian Shan mountains in China. It is believed that the population of Ili Pika has decreased for 70% during last 15 years due to climate changes.

Although those photos of Ili Pika are incredibly cute, Li Weidong didn’t hide his worries when his discovery gone viral last year. He thinks that Ili Pika species should be left to live peacefully their lives.

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