iRobot Roomba Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Gets Its R2-D2 Skin

iRobot Roomba is smart robotic floor vacuum cleaner. It is a smart robotic cleaner with built in sensors to navigate between walls and furniture and to detect which type of surface it needs to clean.


This small robot perfectly cleans your floor and all you have to do is push couple of buttons and replace its garbage bin from a time to time. Its size allows it to reach areas under the furniture which are sometimes unreachable for regular vacuum cleaners.

Not only it is a good cleaner but also an entertainer. Once you have this device with yourself you might consider it as some kind of pet and part of family.

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Although it is not even close to be what R2-D2 is (Star Wars fans will know that), it seems to be a good beginning of the path for technology and robotics developers trying to make something to be like ‘real’ R2-D2.


However, for those who can’t wait for the real one, this iRobot Roomba can be turned into something that looks like a R2-D2’s Junior. Bel&Bel has designed the R2D2 Custom Roomba vinyl set which will turn your iRobot Roomba into an endless fun.

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