Equilibri – The Stone Balancing Art By Octavi Serra

Stone balancing is art where stones are balanced on top of some object or other stone in various positions without using any kind of glue or other trick. The stones are perfectly balanced to stay in given position without using any other support.


Octavi Serra is street artist from Girona, Spain. Octavi has recently published a series of photos named Equilibri which features its stone balancing art.


Here you can see some of the photos from Equilibri series which were took in Menorca, Girona.

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Although we saw much complicated stone balancing, Octavi’s art is unique in its own way. Here you can see that there is mostly one stone, instead of couple of them balanced on the top others, which is balanced to look like it is standing up ready to do something.

equilibri2 equilibri3 equilibri4

equilibri5 equilibri6

equilibri7 equilibri8 equilibri9

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