Elide Fire Extinguishing Ball Puts Your Fire Under Control In A Second!

Dealing with fire is not easy even if it’s just a burning oil on your kitchen’s plate and even if you have a fire extinguisher in your hands. Once the fire starts it can spread quickly in moments and that dramatic situation often causes that people do not act fully logical in that moment.

Using a fire extinguisher sometimes to put a fire under control is not always an option and easy task to do. That is why Elide company has developed a brand new way to control the fire.


The Elide Fire Extinguishing Ball will put out a fire in a second. It is a small fire extinguishing grenade which controls and completely puts out the fire rapidly. You just need to activate it and throw it into the fire.

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It has built in loud-noise fire alarm. It weights no more than three pounds and it has a five-year warranty. It works like a smoke grenade, the smoke it produces is non-toxic smoke made from environmentally-friendly and human-friendly compounds.

If you put it near the fire zone you actually do not have to activate it, it will self activate when the fire is detected by its sensors in couple of seconds and it can be easily mounted anywhere.

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