Domino’s Robotic Unit – The World’s First Autonomous Pizza Delivery Vehicle

Australian Domino’s Pizza company started testing the world’s first autonomous pizza delivery vehicles. Domino’s Robotic Unit (DRU) is developed in cooperation with Marathon Robotics which develops military autonomous robots for military exercises in Australia and the rest of the world.

dominos robotic unit

The Domino’s Robotic Unit can reach the speed of 20 km/h and is petty capable of autonomously navigating the streets. It has built in advanced sensors based on military laser technology which are used for calculating the best possible path while delivering the pizza.

The DRU has a box which acts like a small oven which controls the temperature of delivered pizza and keeps it hot. At the other side, it has a small fridge on the top for delivering cold drinks.

Although the DRU is really cool, it still can’t climb up stairs so you’ll have to meet it in front of your house to pick the pizza you ordered.

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dominos robotic unit 2

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