Casper-Like Octopus Discovered At Record Depth of 4290 Meters

While collecting sediment samples with an underwater vehicle, a scientist from Smihsonian Museum in Washington DC has discovered what is most likely to be a new species of octopus.


The octopus you are watching on the photo is discovered at the depth of 4290 meters. This octopus is special because of it ghostly look which made it to be called by the name of popular cartoon character Casper.

Usually octopuses have cells on their body which contain pigment so they are able to change their color in order to camouflage themselves when they are in danger. However, this octopus has no pigmentation on its skin at all.

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Another interesting fact about this kind of octopus is the fact that it has been found at the depth where this kind of animals have never been found before.

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