Boosted Dual 2000 W Electric Skateboard Is Amazing

Last updated on August 31st, 2016 at 12:53 pm

Even if you are not a big fan of skateboards, like me, you will have to consider this sport when you see what Boosted Dual 2000W electric skateboard can do.

This amazing skateboard which weights 13.5 pounds is ideal for those who live in cities and like to skip using public transportation services while walking the city or going to their job.

boosted dual skateboard 1

With one charge, Boosted Dual electric skateboard can go for about 7 miles. The top speed you can reach with this skateboard is 22mph which is pretty impressive and just perfect for skateboarding safely on the roads. But if you are newbie, you will have to wait until the app which is used to control the skateboard’s speed allows you to move at that speed. For beginners, the highest allowed speed is 10mph. After you manage to learn how to use this thing then you are allowed to unlock higher speeds.

boosted dual skateboard 0

It has 3 onboard computer chips and couple of sensors which will ensure best ride for beginners and pros. The electricity is stored in lithium batteries. It is powered by powerful motors which are controlled by a small remote controller. It has very efficient brakes so you can control your speed while surfing on the roads. It can go even uphills and brake while you are going downhill.

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boosted dual skateboard 2

The remote controller has a button which works similar to a gas pedal in cars – the faster you go the harder you have to push the button which gives you the sense of speed you are actually going and secures you from speeding up like a rocket from a start.

The board itself is made of bamboo tree.

boosted dual skateboard 3

The best thing is the app which gives you opportunity to graduate skateboarding by passing levels and unlocking your top speed. Also, the app gives you opportunity to connect with other Boosted Dual Skateboard riders across the world.

boosted dual skateboard 4
Although it is a little bit heavy to be used like a normal skateboard without starting the engines, it can be used like that to charge the batteries.

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boosted dual skateboard 5

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