BionicKangaroo – A Kangaroo-like Robot Developed by Festo

The Festo company, which is involved in robotics research as a part of Bionic Learning Network, has developed a bionic robot called BionicKangaroo. The BionicKangaroo reproduces the way kangaroo moves in nature. It can recover the energy when jumping, store that energy and use it when performing the next jump, just similar to the behavior of real kangaroo.


The BionicKangaroo is powered by unique pneumatic and electrical drive technology. The robot is controlled by an armband with implemented gesture-control technology based on Myo Gesture Control Armband.


The kangaroo’s tail has a significant role in it’s capability to make long jumps as well as BionicKangaroo’s.

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The BionicKangaroo weighs about seven kilograms and is one meter high. Considering its height and weight, as well as the fact that it can jump approximately 0.4 meters vertically and 0.8 meters horizontally, it is pretty clear that BionicKangaroo has great performance.

The main part of this BionicKangaroo’s movin engine are pneumatic muscles which are powering the jumping.


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