Airlander 10 – The World’s Largest Aircraft Prepares For Its First Flight

The world’s largest aircraft Airlander 10 is preparing for its first commercial flight.

Airlander 10 started as US Army project which was developed in 2009. But, after project was dropped by US Army, Airlander 10 started moving towards commercial use.


It is a combination of balloon and hovercraft. With its length of 90 meters is just a little bit smaller than a footboall playing field. It is being assembled by Hybrid Air Vehicles company in UK.

The first flight of Airlander 10 is planned to take a place in Cardington in Befordshire, United Kingdom.


If everything goes right, the Airlander 10 should take off for its first flight over A1M motorway in Cardington. The craft could be used successfully for passenger flights, cargo transport, surveillance etc.


This aircraft can stay in air for about five days and can reach the maximum speed of 80 knots. If flying without passengers, this aircraft can stay in air for about three weeks.

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It can take and land off vertically, doesn’t need an airport and can be landed even on water.



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