The World’s First 3D Knitted Shoes Are On Kickstarter

JS Shoe is a startup company which claims the world’s first 3D knitted shoes. 3D knitting is a unique process which saves a lot of usually wasted materials by knitting a shoe from one piece of material. That saves money and environment.

JS shoes are lightweight or better say featherweight 3D knitted shoes. They are perfect for urban areas. Since they are as lightweight as usual pair of winter socks, they are easy to store and easy to carry in a bag – just in case you like to wear a couple of different designs during a day. The company, which has raised more than $70.000 in funds by now on Kickstarter will give buyers an option that is unlike for other shoe sellers: you will be able to buy one piece of shoe and mix it with another one if you wish. Also, there will be an option for buyers to customize their shoes just as they wish. The packaging is unique as well: they come in a cylinder-shaped package, each shoe separately.

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Now, when you see these, you would say that they are cool, lightweight and so but they look like you wouldn’t like to wear them while raining, unless you want to get your legs really wet. However, the company claims them to be fully waterproof. And in case that they somehow get some moisture inside, they are easy to dry.

3dknittedshoes1 3dknittedshoes2 3dknittedshoes3 3dknittedshoes4


3dknittedshoes6 3dknittedshoes7

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