Largest Embroidery Created by a Single Person

Everyone has his or her own set of passions and hobbies in their life, but sewing has been a great part of Heather Hems’ life for past seventeen years. She has set apart at least ten to twelve hours a day for sewing and she has made a collection of embroidered artworks bigger, almost twice the size of the Bayeux Tapestry.


Heather Hems is a 69 years old pensioner, she says that she has dedicated more than 70,000 hours in sewing, for last 17 years, she has been busy with her typesetter job, raised three children and house chores, along with all these things she has also managed to do this wonderful masterpiece. You may ask, how did she find time to do all these things? She says she worked whole day, then she took care of children and finally sat down and continued her hobby of sewing for ten to twelve hours every night. She was only able to sleep for couple of hours at night before starting it all over again. This amazingly strong lady says she owes all the credit to her father who always challenged to do things when she was small.

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Heather Hems affection for embroidery started when she was only ten years old, she was born in Sri Lanka, her passion started from here. Since then she dedicated her life to it. Throughout all those years, she has created different large-scale works for charity foundations, it ultimately encouraged her to begin the work on the 23 embroidered panels. She wanted to dedicate the work to the people and events that changed her life and made her what she is today. She is basically from Lyndhurst, England, she spent thousands of pounds on sewing materials and she had to go through a shoulder surgery after her bones crushed because of holding a heavy panel for long hours. But she didn’t stop and she moved on the path of her goal and now she is the proud owner of a 50 square meter collection embroidery.

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