Incredible Finger Nail Painting

Maya Pixelskaya is very interested and passionate about movies, video games and art, so she thought of combining all three and making some exceptional designs on her fingernails.


A detailed acknowledgment to classic video game Doom is one of her fingernail paintings, it was all over the internet recently, it spread like virus on most of the social networking sites such as Reddit. Though the art became very popular, but no one mentioned the name of the artist. Luckily a member of Reddit identified her work and he did a good job by linking her website, this is how everyone came to know about Maya’s fingernail art.

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Maya Pixelskaya is a 26 year old gril from Madrid, Spain. She loves movies and video games. Whenever she was bored of studying in college, she would find her time pass by actively painting salutes to her favorite movies and video games on her fingernails. Like many other college students, she didn’t like to get stuck in college desks for long time studying, so she started painting her nails beautifully while sitting the class for hours and hours. Some of her beautiful paintings include Doom, Curse of Monkey Island, Jaws, Amelie and The Night before Christmas.

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