Fort Built with 60,000 Cigarette-Packs

Last updated on September 6th, 2011 at 04:28 pm

46 year old Wang Guanyi from China is a collector of cigarette packs, he has built a model of fort recently using 600,000 empty cigarette packs.


Wang is a well-known person in his city as he normally greets everyone with the words “hello” and “do you smoke”? And he also asked them do they any cigarette packs? He agrees that he has been attracted with cigarette packs from his childhood, he collected his first pack from the street, he started collecting them when he was only seven years old. He first got attracted by the dark colors and beautiful images on the packs, and he continued collecting them until he collected 600,000 of them. His house was almost filled with cigarette packs everywhere, he was running out of space, he saw show on TV about how a man constructed a house with the help of wine bottles. He got inspired by the show and he did the same thing with his cigarette pack collection.

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It almost took him a month to complete 30 foot building that looks like fort, which was built with 600,000 bright cigarette packs. It was 4.68m wide, 1.68m wide, 6.06m long and Gunanyi won a certificate from the office of Record in China for the largest cigarette pack in the world. But unfortunately he had constructed this wonderful fort on rented space, and since the rent was too high for him, he had to tear it down soon after the record was acknowledged.

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