Edible Star Wars Art by a Talented Japanese Chef

A sushi bar owner, Okistugu Kado from Osaka, Japan, makes detailed sculptures from vegetable, his art is inspired by movies such as Star Wars.


Okitsugu made his mind to integrate his passion for cooking with his talent for carving and the result that came out is amazing. Along with his art passion, he is also a talented chef and spends number of hours in carving different types of fruits and vegetables, he puts them all together with toothpicks and bamboo skewers to make well-known characters of Star-Wars. He says that he has always been a huge fan of Star Wars and he even a pat of Japanese association that calls itself with the name Jedi Order.

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Okitsugu, a 39 year old artist from Japan has been carving vegetables from last fifteen years, and he also has a history of ice-sculpting. Until now he has created number of vegetable sculptures and some of them took almost 10 hours to complete them, but he is never bothered with the time because he forgets about the time while carving. Over all these years he has created Darth Vader, R2D2, Yoda, these are some of the well-known Star Wars heroes. If you wish to taste Star Waras veggies, then come to Minayoshy restaurant of Okitsugu Kado in Osaka.

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