Amazing Nail Gun Art

Chen Chun-hao is an artist well-known as Howard Chen in western, he uses an air compressor, a nail gun and number of other small nails to make wonderful art works.


There are other artists except Chen who have used nails to create beautiful art works. The most well-known person using nail in the art world is Marcus Levine, Saimir Strati and Shannon Larratt have also tried to create artworks using nails. All these artists have hammered the nails into the canvas to crate artworks, but Chen Chun hao makes use of nail gun, this helps his to make use to thousands of metals pins without heads (mosquito nails) for all of his masterpieces. He shoots these nails into white canvas one by one, making reproductions of classic ink paintings of Chinese.

Initially Chen did not use nails, but at first he started with another unique medium, thumbtacks. He used them for more than a decade to create all types of sculptures and installations, from mosaics of billboard size on the building sides to scary dolls and also an installation of 8/8 m on the floor of an art gallery, created from almost 340,000 thumbtack all arranged in a similar direction so that they glittered when people walked by them. According to him it was luck that he moved from thumbtacks to mosquito nails, but he agrees that he has been much more skilled since instead of using bare hands he has been using nail gun.

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Chen is a 39 year old artist and spends almost ten hours in a day in his art studio, he shoots lot of nails into he canvas. He has worked with more than 4 million nails since January 2010, he has already changed 25 nails guns and also broken couple of air compressors.

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