Absurd Milk Carton Boat Race

At the end of August, every year Latvians commemorate Milk, Honey and Bread Festival with an exceptional race between boats made of many empty milk cartons. The milk carton boat regatta has become a famous tradition from the time when it took place around nine years back. The absurd event takes place in Latvian town of Jelgava, on Lielupe river, and this festival intends to offer a good time to the local people and create an awareness of healthy lifestyle with the help of consumption of organic dairy foods made in Latvia. Local people, and also some from dairy processors and food producers take part in the competition each year and fight for different titles, including the very original boat, quickest boat and funniest crew.

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A record number of participants registered milk carton boat race this year, 36 teams were present on the Lielupe River on 27th of August, to show their marine skills. There were some rules to be obeyed by the teams for this event, boats had to be made of empty milk cartons exclusively and had to be instructed to the finish line with help of human power only. The boat size and number of rowers was not restricted. The race was only 50 meters long, which is the shortest distance so far. Teams had a hard time in finishing as they had to paddle with a strong wind. Some of the team members jumped into the river to push the boats to the finish line.

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