Rie Hosokai: Balloon Dress Designer of Japan

Rie Hosokai, a Japanese ballon artist makes use of latex balloons to make unique dresses that can be worn only 24 hours before they collapse and change their color in hot water.


The latex balloons are blown up and woven by hand in various directions both horizontally and vertically, making a texture that looks like fabric. The quantity of air that goes into every balloon is very difficult to estimate when accustoming the size and volume of the costume. 35 year old Rie has been working with balloons for almost ten years so she has figured almost everything. She began her career as a florist initially, before changing to balloon art and starting her own studio, Daisy Balloon, here she makes all kinds of artworks that are inflatable.

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He fabric is very affordable, they are just ¢0.09 cents a balloon, the dresses made by her sell for thousands of dollars. These dresses only last for 24 hours before they start to deflate, they must be kept far away from pointed objects and they change color at high temperatures, but still these dresses cost between ¥150,000 and ¥300,000. Rie has even sold a complete set of wedding dress made of balloons,  bouquet and headpiece for ¥1 million.

She started making balloon wedding dresses two years back, and until now she has sold around 20 creations, she says that these creations take the people back to their childhood by lifting the spirits of people.

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