Mareene Fischinger Creates Beautiful Panographies

Wide-angle pictures consisting of more than one photo stitched together manually are called as Panographies. They provide an impression that you would get when looking everywhere and arranging the images together in your head.


A skilled photographer from Dusseldorf, Germany, Mareen Fischinger, has developed the technique that lets you to capture a whole scene, by arranging many photos of that scene.

She does it like this: Firstly she selects something exciting to photography, then looks for the appropriate spot to shoot from and she doesn’t move from her position until the whole procedure is complete. Next she arranges the white balance manually, focus, f-stop and shutter speed of the camera so that all the photographs are exposed similarly. Then she pin points and shoots, she makes sure that she moves the camera lens so that she can cover various positions. More the shots overlap the easier it is to arrange panography.

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The main secret for a great panogaphy is making sure that you have captured everything in the scene that you want, you should even cover the most uninteresting aspects, otherwise there will be something missing in your whole image, after arranging the pictures. Mareen uses software to edit images like Photoshop to alter the photos after taking the photos, and she assembles them on RGB canvas like puzzle. It may take sometime to get used to it, but it really looks fantastic at the end.

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