Incredible Paper Architecture

Christina Lihan, US based artist makes use of her experience as an architect to make clear models of well-known buildings and urban spaces with paper.


Lihan earned a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Virginia in architecture and she decided to do Masters in the same subject, from Columbia University of New York. She completed her internships in Italy, France and England, but it was monotonous, she saw the same hundred of housing cities built by soviet in Czechoslovakia, which had a different effect on the way she looked at building exteriors. She decided to use the knowledge that she had acquired in the field of art, after completing her studies, she created some impressive models of architecture from paper.

At first Christina Lihan decided to set aside her life to art when she spent her life in Florida, she designed hospitals for some other architect. She got bored and understood that she needed some creative exposure so she started with cutting paper, playing around with it and trying to transform it into models of buildings. It kind of started from there and 300lb, watercolor paper. She draws, cuts and folds each piece with her hand until she arranges them into a proper composition. Lihan begins by taking picture of the site she wants to create a replica, then sketches with charcoal, and finally increases the size of the drawing. She normally keeps the detailed paper pieces over the drawing directly.

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