Gold Plated, Diamond Encrusted Contact Lenses by an Indian Optometrist

Chandrashekhar Chawan, an optometrist from Shekhar Eye Research Center of India was inspired by the jewels in his wife’s teeth and he created diamond encrusted, gold plated contact lenses, which will bring that special shine and twinkle in your eyes.


If you are in search for the very special and unique trend in eyewear, then you should definitely check out the contact lenses made by Chandrashekhar Chawan. Chawan’s wife had diamonds fixed on her teeth lately and that made him to realize and understand that people love jewelry all over the world, no matter where it is planted. So he decided to come up with a series of diamond encrusted, gold plated contact lenses. He has used Boston Scleral lenses for the grip and to hold the jewelry in a such a manner that it doesn’t bother the cornea, this makes the fashion accessory completely safe.

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According to Chawan, his creation got mixed reactions, some people thought that it was haunting, but many of them just loved it. According to the optometrist this will be the next popular thing in the film industry. He agrees that his jewel planted lenses are optional and it is just an accessory and not compulsory, but he also says that it is a must have for people who want to catch attention.

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