Beach Trash Converted to Special Art Works by A Self-Taught Artist

An artist from Berkeley, California, who is self-taught cleans the beaches of East Bay in search for washed-up junk, then he turns it into wonderful sculptures.

Beach trash

Olivier has collected all types of trash for seven years from different beaches of East Bay, he decided to make unique artworks to show on his lawn instead of throwing it all away. It all started one morning, he was walking his dog names Zsa Zsa at Albany Bulb, an old coastal disposal area. He saw a huge pile of trash on the beach and told himself that why anyone is not cleaning this stuff, all of a sudden an idea hit him, why doesn’t he clean it up? And he started in small amounts, with some cigarette lighters and some small pieces of plastic, he gathered a pretty good collection of junk that was useless.

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He had no training in art, as he spent half of his life as a waiter, carpenter and herbalist. Olivier discovered brilliant ways of turning debris into something amazing and beautiful that was holding passers-by on their ways. Many of his neighbors agreed to anchor his creations on their personal lawns when they saw that there was no more space left on his lawn, and they said this work improves the street. Until now, Olivier has utilized handles of umbrellas, worn-out shoes, hats, lighters to make Buddha statues, samurai, Greek gods and a complete lot of other exciting sculptures that have given him fame. His most recent creation is, a 5 foot high blue poodle created from crabbing rope, the price of this piece is $5,500. He has already sold some of his artworks for couple thousand dollars.

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