Aircraft Carrier Converted to Luxury Hotel In China

The Kiev, a retired former Soviet aircraft carrier is agitating interest as the first aircraft carrier hotel of China, just after some days the Varyag, first aircraft carrier of China was taken out for sea trials. The Kiev is the second carrier, it was sold to a Chinese company in 1196 and it was used as a portion of military theme park in the provice of Tianjin from 2004. But after the acquirement of Varyag, the working carrier, people have started to look at these strong ships as emblems of the military of their country, so the Binhai Aircraft Park owners decided to earn on their interest. They spend more than $15.5 million fixing the antique attraction and changing it into a luxurious hotel.


Many Chinese people think these aircraft carriers are mysterious and amazing, since they may not be able to board on one that is in service. They will have to fulfill their excitement at the first aircraft carrier hotel of China.  But designers decided to select splendid rooms and suites instead of basic naval décor for some reason, which will be definitely successful in attracting tourists. You can find five presidential suites totally, set up with huge comfortable beds, costly furniture, rugs made of cow skin and almost everything you would be looking for in a splendid five-star hotel. Prices haven’t been announced to the public yet, but looking at this lavish place, it is obvious that it is aiming to catch the upper class citizens of China.

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