Train Cars Converted into Comfortable Homes by a German Couple

Vanessa Stallbaum and Marco Stepniak decided to combine two old mail cars in the design of their new house since they love train so much.


Vanessa and Marco are the German couple and they met each other on train, and they spent their first vacation on train ride for four days from Berlin to Kazakhstan. Marco told his girlfriend that he is interested in building their house around two train cars, she agreed immediately. This crazy idea came to 34 year old Marco fifteen years ago, when he was in a youth club, near to his house of Herten. It was built up in two old train cars and he says, at that time he was thinking that someone could live in them actually.

train house2

Two new train cars which the couple wanted to use for their new house priced around $725,000 but they were fortunate to find two second hand mail cars in an online ad from Switzerland. The two train antiques that were build in 1974 and 75 were in a notably good condition and they cost only $29,000. But transporting them from Switzerland to Germany actually cost more than cars unfortunately like $37,600, but Marco and Vanessa were ready to spend the money to make their dream come true.

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train house 3

The two mail cars were cleaned nicely and repainted in Monchengladbach, they were moved to the site of construction, in Ruhr. They even hired an architect to plan the house according to what they draw, they got some of their friends and Marco’s father to assist them and convert the train cars into a house. Transforming the cars was very difficult and it was beyond their expectation. The whole process of converting them into a living space was very difficult, but they got it done successfully somehow.

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