Strange Facts About Your Toothpaste

Having white teeth is everyone’s dream and we spend so much money on getting them white. First of all, many people keep trying on different toothpastes, even after being very careful in buying toothpaste, people always end up with buying something that is not good. This story is very common in most of the houses today, so let us see some strange facts about toothpaste here below.


1. Fluoride is very important: The amount of good quality fluoride is the most important thing to be considered in making toothpaste very effective. Manufacturers may claim that they are offering advanced ingredients in their toothpastes, but first of all you need to check the presence of fluoride. You can check if the toothpaste you are buying includes anything for breath freshening, teeth whitening and tartar control but according to the Academy of General Dentistry, one should brush his or her teeth two times a day and the toothpaste should include fluoride if they want to prohibit tooth decay by 40 percent at least. According to the President of American Dental Hygiene Association, the added fluoride in toothpaste has been seen to be very advantageous even in places where there is water fluoridation.

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2. Whitening toothpastes are better: Whitening toothpastes work better up to certain extent. However, you can’t compare them with the professional treatments for whitening to improve your smile, since these products don’t have bleach in them. According to Dr. Clifford Whall, these whitening toothpastes include small amount of abrasives in order to take out the surface stain on our teeth.

3. Technique of Brushing is more important than the brand of toothpaste: The technique of how you brush your teeth plays an important role than what brand you use. Even if you use the best quality brush and paste, you may not be successful in achieving noticeable improvement when it comes to your teeth, until and unless you follow proper techniques of brushing. One should position the brush at 45 degrees angle in order to get the bristles in between the gums and tooth.

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