She Grew Her Nails For 22 Years to Become Popular

Last updated on July 30th, 2011 at 08:22 pm

48 year old Jazz Ison Sinkfield from Atlanta, Georgia has not cut her finger nails for twenty two years, she was hoping that one day her nails could bring her the name and glory that she has been always dreaming of.

nail growth

Though she has to go through hard time while doing her easiest household tasks, Jazz says that she feels blessed. She is one nail-obsessed grandmother and thinks she is talented enough to grow and take care of her long nails very well, because she says that it is not something everyone can do. She visits the nail saloon on regular basis for nail care sessions for five hours and she spends almost $500 every time. There are not many people in the world who can spend so much of money on such things.

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Mrs. Jazz says that her long fingernails are her best friends and she can’t even think of having them clipped. She treats her nails just like her kids, she says when she can’t stop loving her kids, how can she stop loving her nails? Her longest fingernail measures 24 inches long, and all her painted nails come up to 19 feet. Mrs. Sinkfield is very proud of her nails and her achievement. She always draws attention of people when she goes out, but she agrees that everyone is not impressed when they see her nails. Despite the fact that her nails are pretty weird and most people believe they are ugly, she still thinks that those who doesn’t like her nails are jealous of her bizarre accomplishment.


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