A Non-Visible Art Gets $10,000 by a Woman

The MONA or the museum on Non-Visible Art is house for different types on invisible works of art, which can be appreciated by reading the description by the artists. I know its sounds crazy, but someone really spent $10,000 for one of such masterpieces.

invisible art

I have always wondered why people spend too much money on these abstract art pieces that is similar to the work of someone who doesn’t has anything in common related to art. But after seeing so many art lovers, now I don’t wonder anymore about them and their habit of buying art pieces, at least not after hearing about the woman who paid $10,000 for an artwork that she even can’t see. Fresh Air was one of the masterpieces displayed at the Museum of Non-Visible art, it was a bizarre project supported by James Franco, an actor that attempts to take the abstract to a complete new level. You can find an official website and a video of this museum, but fundamentally the museum houses works of art, which have no existence in physical or real world, but they are just in the imagination of the artist.

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When someone purchases one of these unique creations, they only get a card with a detailed description by the author who has created the artwork and a letter of accuracy. You can keep the card on an empty wall in your house or in the gallery and explain it to visitors.

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