Asian Megacities Photographed at the Night by Pierre Capati

Last updated on August 1st, 2016 at 05:20 am

The Asian megacities which have emerged in last few decades, as a consequence of rapid economical development of some Asian countries are becoming bigger and bigger, every day.

It is amazing how some of those cities have become so huge, jammed up with hundreds of skyscapers and other buildings. But, as it always use to be, the true shine of every city can be seen only in the night.

Pierre Capati is photographer who has created a series of astonishing photos of big cities in Malaysia, Singapore, Taipei and Hong Kong.

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He managed to capture amazing view of those cities, and like he wants to show us how the life in those sparkling places does not lose on its intensity at the night and it even may be that those places are becoming even more alive at the night.





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