Beautiful Photos of Small World: Awarded Microscopic Photography

I was always claiming that I believe that the world which we can’t see without microscopes is as same big as the world which we have to watch with telescopes.

It is known that we cannot reach too much with our telescopes and that we have limits. Scientists have pointed a telescope in one single tiny dark spot which was believed to be empty and they observed it for a number of days with super strong telescope and guess what they found? Hundreds thousands of new galaxies! I believe that this is much pretty same when we point our magnifying devices into anything on the earth. You can see molecules, we know that there are atoms (despite the fact we never saw them) and we know that those atoms are made from smaller parts. But, it is not so clear where this ends, what’s the smallest particle?

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Playing with microscope can be one nice way to avoid playing FarmVille on Facebook and the following photos should gain your interests for this kind of activity. These images are awarded by The Wellcome Trust for the top scientific images of the year 2010 and as you can see, we are talking about perfectly detailed microscopic images where you can see the beauty of the world which you probably didn’t know that exists.






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