The Connection Between People and Places by Jennifer Farley

Every place has its own usual faces who are characteristic for it. The place and faces of people who are living in that places are very related. So, for example, if you have a little bit more knowledge about the different cultures, you can easily recognize people and determine where they are coming from by only watching their faces.

The following collection of portrait photographs create by Jennifer Farley will be a little quest for you to try to determine from which places those people could be. Let us help you by telling you that you shall find an Egyptian taxi driver, an Indian family and Tunisian camel driver amongst them as well as interesting-looking Dublin poet.

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Jennifer Farley works as a designer and photographer. She is very dedicated in creating travel photography as wall as landscape and nature photography. She also has some skills in working with Photoshop and she claims that it is “a huge part of her life”.









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