Maho Beach, Where People Come to Watch Airplanes

Maho Beach is one of those beaches where people not go primarily because they want to enjoy in ordinary beach activities like swimming and enjoying in sun. This beach gives their visitors a little bit different but really unique experience.

Maho Beach can be found in St Maarten island in Netherlands Antilles. The most impressive “feature” of this unique location is Princess Juliana International Airport which is located just a few feet away from the beach.

This unusually small distance from beach forces pilots of airplanes to fly very low over the beach in order to land properly. The problem is that beach is too close to the landing spot so airplanes are flying just few meters over tourists heads.

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For those who come here just to enjoy in beach this will probably be annoying thing and little bit horrifying too. But most of tourists come there to enjoy in excitement when huge jet aircraft passes over their heads.

maho-beach-1Credits: Wikipedia

maho-beach-2Credits: Flickr

maho-beach-3Credits: Flickr

maho-beach-4Credits: Flickr

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