Tortufana, the Health Care Center For Turtles in Costa Rica

You think health care is only for humans? Well, not for all humans, as we know, but the more shocking fact is that some animals get better health care than humans.

The health care center for turtles called Tortufauna  in La Garita de Alajuela, Costa Rica, is one of such places where you can bring your beloved little turtle pet and it will be treated by turtle medicine specialists.

The most surprising fact for me is that this place is actually in Latin American country where a lot of people have a lot of problems and health care is just one of them. However it seems that some people in Costa Rica have enough money for such thing.

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This center is first health care center for turtles in Central and Latin America and their staff are mostly occupied by curing injured turtles (which probably got injured because of careless owners). This center’s capacity is about 80 treated turtles per month.




Credits: [ Daylife ]

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