Fish Soccer World Cup: Japan vs Denmark

Last updated on March 12th, 2017 at 03:20 am

Japanese people are known as huge fans of baseball which is one of the most popular sports there, but, the majority of Japan citizens also likes soccer and they are pretty excited by the fact that their national team is going to attend another FIFA Soccer World Cup which is to be hold in June, in South Africa.

Hakkeijima Sea Paradise is aquarium in Yokohama where most fanatic fish-lovers and Japanese national soccer teams supporters decided to create a little fish tank which is actually made to look like soccer stadium.

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They put there a blue tang fishes (also known as Blue Samurai) which were symbolizing the Japanese soccer team. The pair of flame angelfish was used to symbolize the Denmark national soccer team which is going to be Japan’s first opponent on the Soccer World Cup next month.

The ball is made of transparent material and was filled with the fish food so fishes were continuously swimming towards it.




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