Firefly Table for Night Time Use in Restaurants and Gardens

Last updated on March 1st, 2016 at 06:40 pm

Serbian designer Vuk Dragovic designed this pretty interesting table which is made to be used in outdoor parts of your home, restaurants, etc.

Table is named Firefly and it contain one big solar-powered lamp in its center. That lam glows in night and creates pretty romantic environment for your guests. Solar cells are placed inside the table where they can easily gather some Sun rays and store energy for later use.

It also has entertaining feature, there is an option to put custom cap on the bottom side of the lamp so it can show custom messages in the footer of the table. Designer claims this could be used for advertising purposes, for example, restaurants would place their logo there.

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I like this idea and design, it is well done indeed but I have to notice something which tickles my mind from the very beginning of writing this article, the flies. When I read the name of this table “Firefly” and saw those images, I immediately thought about bunch of flies gathering at those tables because, we know that flies are mad for light sources during the night.





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