The 5 Bizarre Bench Designs

Last updated on August 30th, 2016 at 01:37 am

We have recently wrote about dining table which can be transformed into a bench, now we are continuing to write about unusual bench designs which can’t be seen every day.

Here you can see a few of strange and bizarre benches from different parts of world. If you thought creating a bench can’t be art then those photos should convince you in opposite.


This is very creative bench design, we could say it is real masterpiece. It seems that author of this design wanted to show us how wooden bench is made from nature.


This one is pretty cool. I often have some troubles with sun shining in my face or similar while sitting on some one-sided benches, this one has two sides so you can choose the side you find most comfortable for you.


Now that is what would I call ‘impossible mission’ bench. I really wouldn’t like to try to sit there.

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Here is another bench which is obviously not made for regular humans. While sitting on it you are definitely going to feel like a dwarf in the world of giants.


This one is selected by us as the most bizarre and I think it is pretty obvious. Probably it is made for those who feel alone so they always can have a buddy to sit and chat with.

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