Infinite USB by Jiang Gonglue

Last updated on August 30th, 2016 at 09:19 am

Sometimes you just don’t want to have your standard USB ports on your notebook, PC or any other device occupied but yet you want to use it.

Designer Jiang Gonglue came to a pretty simple yet genius solution about how to solve the problem of missing USB ports. He invented the USB cable which, when it is plugged into a USB port, immediately becomes port itself so, theoretically, you could attach infinite number of USB cables to your single USB port.




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  1. It is a stupid thing. If you connect the usb to the other usb and other and other … and the last one have one usb port what you win? nothing. You have one USB port yet.

  2. There are powered 4 hubs and powered 7 hubs that I know of. The limit of 127 connections to a single hub is one factor. Why not design a powered 15 hub?

  3. Impossible, you would have to incorporate homogeneous controllers into all except the first one. The first one would have to have hub the rest, and the rest would have to have some propagation delay with decoding it’s position in the connection and transferring data from down the link to the hub. Speeds would get worse as you add more. Better off buying a standard USB hub.

  4. wait. really, does it do anything? It doesn’t increase the number of ports available. Think about it. this is USB fail.

  5. The technology has existed for years, the USB protocol allows you to connect up to 127 devices through a single port. You can purchase USB hubs that plug in to a USB port and give you additional port(s). It is misleading when the article claims that an infinite number of devices can be connected, because the USB protocol itself can only hold 127 devices. Second, you have to look at the logistics of it, lets say each plug ways an 2 ounces, if you plugin in 16 devices, that is 2 pounds of force on your USB port, and it could easily get damaged. If you plugin more devices, it will be applying a lot or torque to your laptop. It will also be inconvenient having a foot of USB cable plugs sticking out of the side of your laptop. Additionally, once a device goes through a few hubs, there will be too much latency, and the speed will drop. Lastly having additional power adapters completely defies the point, and it will no longer be very portable. 

  6. The “S” in uSb stands for “Serial”. This concept would need every gadget and cable to include a controller IC so the each device acts like a USB hub.

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