Cancun to Host World’s Largest Underwater Museum

Have you ever visited underwater museum? I have to admit that this idea sounds very nice and exciting. Cancun authorities certainly do know that and they decided to build there world’s largest underwater museum.

Underwater museum is going to be placed at the National Park West Coast of Isla Mujeres in Cancun. Cancun is already known as one of the most attractive touristic destinations of the world and when they get finished this museum they will become more attractive certainly.

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This place is visited by more than 700,000 tourists every year. When museum is finished there will be about 400 different concrete sculptures placed in it.






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  1. A brilliant work done by archeologist! It’s a great start man made coral reefs. Great Creation of the modern world. The work of settling down the sculptures is in progress and till now only four sculptures are settled down and there are four hundred more sculptures to go down. as the coral and reefs aren’t that far away from the sculptures so being a snorkeling and diving spots, many divers has got glimpse of this magnificent sculptures.

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