The 5 Funniest Things Elephants Can Do

Last updated on August 30th, 2016 at 11:01 am

Elephants are one of the most useful and most obedient animals that serve human. Living with humans means that you have to have a good interaction with them and elephants are doing that pretty well. They are considered to be some of the smartest animals. Sadly, in some parts of the world, elephants are not treated well and they are often overused as a working force.

Elephants are able to do a wide range of funny things. It is incredible how these animals can be so smart. Here you can find five cases where elephants show us that their intelligence is on very high level.

5. Elephants can play music

It seems that those huge animals have a really good talent for artistic activities. Some of us already know that they can do very precise jobs with their proboscis. As you can see, playing a drum is not such hard job for them.

elephant-playing-drum-1Credits: Flickr

4. Elephants can play soccer

Those photos of elephants playing soccer are taken in Chiang Mai, Thailand where elephants are everyday part of humans life and they are used as a working force. Elephants are pretty good soccer players but you’ll see later that they can play basketball too.

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elephants-playing-soccerCredits: Flickr

3. Elephants can play basketball

Well, playing football is pretty easy even for elephants, you can just push the ball with the legs or any part of your body and it will count as a good shoot. Playing basketball is a real challenge.

Here is another elephant story from Thailand. Those elephant are trained to play basketball as a part of program which aims to improve elephants’ health and vitality. Elephants can learn to play basketball in only two or three months of intensive training.

elephant-playing-basketballCredits: Flickr

elephant-playing-basketball-2Credits: Flickr

2. Elephants can be pandas

Well, this is not a skill actually, neither it is in any way related to elephants intelligence but it is pretty funny and elephants do really look like pandas when they paint them properly.

Those photos were taken at the Royal Elephant Kreaal in Ayuttahaya, Bangkok where elephants were painted as pandas to get attention from Thai public and to send a message that elephants should not be ignored and treated bad as symbolic animals of Thailand.

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elephant-pandas-1Credits: Flickr

elephant-pandas-2Credits: Flickr

1. Elephants can paint

The most amazing and most incredible thing elephants can do is painting. That really sounds incredible but they do paint and they can paint pretty well. There are a plenty of galleries online which are offering artworks painted by elephants.

When they’re guided by trainers they can create amazing masterpieces. There are also a number of galleries that are selling elephants’ paintings which are created without any help of trainers.

elephants-painting-1Credits: Flickr

elephant-painting-3Credits: Flickr

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  1. Elephants are trained to do this by incredibly cruel methods as they are NOT domesticated animals. They must be broken by physical and mental abuse until they willingly do as humans command. This is all about human entertainment and is exploitation of highly intelligent and emotional animals. Please do not support organizations that make money off of this. If you love elephants, support sanctuaries like Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand and Performing Animal Welfare Society in the U.S. 

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