Huge Hamster That Would Scare All of Your Cats

Last updated on March 12th, 2017 at 01:16 am

Hamsters are pretty adorable little animals that can be very entertaining pets. I even considered sometimes to take one little hamster for a pet but I was afraid that it could be eaten by my kitten.

Here you can see a giant hamster pet that would scare all of your cats and probably some of your dogs. It seems like this one has been feed with steroids. As you can see this one is so big that the kids ride on it like it is tiny horse.


This is capybara specimen which is the largest known rodent. Melanie Typaldos decided to take this huge rodent as a pet after her daughter found it adorable while they were in Venezuela.

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  1. Beware of capibaras! They have 2-inch rodent-like teeth. This animal could be very aggressive about its cubes. In Sao Paulo zoo, a capibara attacked a 2,000 pound buffalo decades ago, making deep wounds in its paws. I heard about a attack to a vet in a american zoo, that got bad scars in the face. In my wokplace, we have a couple, very, very cute. But in january, the couple became a family, and I said to my coleagues to keep a safe distance from that little capibara. 7 years ago, a 50-pound capibara fell in a safety basin, and I tried to scare the animal out trough a reclined plank. Well, I could say, how lucky I was to get pull me out of the ditch before the angry giant rodent bite me. Everything on tape, to my friends’ delight…

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