Wonderful India by Howard Goldberg

India is one of the most impressive and unique countries in the world. This is the land of wonders where everything is possible.

You’ll find there a lot of incredible things and a lot of incredible customs. The Indian people are living their own way of life. Often they live in really hard conditions, it is sad to see dirty streets of poor Indian neighbors where people are struggling every day to live.

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Those photos are taken by Howard Goldberg who is travel and adventure photographer.








Credits: [Howard Goldberg]

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  1. In most of the blog I have read and seen the picture of India, which always talk about it poor people and bad streets…….. why.. here lots of beautiful places also. why no buddy write about these things.. … as like slum dog millionaire they show mumbai streets and poor people only.. they know mumbai have beautiful and rich celebs also..

    Thats really bad thing.. any ways photos are real.

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